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Who is Re3 Tech (LDT)?

We are dreamers and pragmatists.
We are linear thinkers and abstract thinkers.
We are creatives and coders.
We are visionaries and analysts.
We are application oriented and theoretically driven.
We are the people who can help you Re-Imagine learning.

Re3 Tech is a company comprised of people with decades of experience in eLearning—both in education and corporate training. More importantly though, our people don’t just focus on what is, they are believers in what can be.

Our people come from a variety of backgrounds that have converged in the eLearning space. While our talents are diverse, we also believe our diversity is our core strength. Every interaction with our clients is analyzed from multiple perspectives to ensure that we provide the best possible solutions.

If your organization believes that learning is more than words and images on a screen and wants to create the future, then let’s talk. We want to be your partner in creating that reality.